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October 17 2017

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This image invokes overwhelming calm in me and I can’t tell why

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October 16 2017

Music Weekly: TURBO KID Re-Stock + Distributed Titles!

Hi All - this week we have a re-pressing of one of our personal favorite albums in our discography, TURBO KID, on a new colorway. We also have two new distributed titles from our friends at One Way Static: a re-score of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA by legendary composer Rick Wakeman, and an album called SYMMETRI by Metavari. 

As always all new releases go on sale on Wednesdays at NOON (CT).

Turbo Kid - Chronicles Of The Wasteland 2XLP (Re-Stock). Music by Le Matos. Deluxe 425gsm gatefold sleevewith insert and obi strip housing 2X 180 gram vinyl LPs. Available on Translucent Green Vinyl. $35

Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to present another contemporary classic from the depths of genre cinema with Quebec-duo Le Matos’ score to acclaimed science fiction picture TURBO KID. 

Propelling this insanity is an incredible score that cherry picks its influences from the best of electronic film music from the past thirty five years, running the gamut from the inevitable John Carpenter bleedthrough with beautifully malevolent atmospheric pieces, to riffing off of the classics of Van Halen, all the way through to Modern French electronic music from the like of Daft Punk and Ed Banger Records. TURBO KID is diverse but not disparate. It plays fast and loose but not at the expense of cohesion; there are moments where you can just lie back and relax to the mesmerizing ambience and dream of authentic alien landscapes...or freak out to the best of the '80s hedonistic synthpop...or let yourself be inhabited by an eerie chill from the evocative electro-goth vocals. TURBO KID – a place beyond your dreams, a record beyond your imagination. 


The Phantom of the Opera - Music by Rick Wakeman. Distributed by One Way Static. Red & Yellow colour in colour vinyl only 300 for the world. Any orders containing this item will not ship until Late November 2017. $28

Rick Wakeman is an English composer, keyboardist, songwriter, author and actor that actually needs little introduction. He is best known for being in the progressive rock band ‘YES’ and for his solo albums released in the 1970s. Rick’s early credits include playing on David Bowie’s "Space Oddity" and on songs by T.Rex, Elton John, Cat Stevens, Lou Reed and Black Sabbath (among others). Mr. Wakeman's discography includes over 90 solo albums that range from several musical styles. To this date Rick continues to perform concerts worldwide in various capacities.

During the decades Rick Wakeman also composed numerous soundtracks and additional music for films. In 1990 this led him to compose a conceptual soundtrack for the legendary 1925 Lon Chaney silent film ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ which was released under the moniker ‘Phantom Power’. Unfortunately ‘Phantom Power’ was cut short and was missing more than half an hour of what Rick came up with – a silent realization required non-stop music for more than 80 minutes of action – yet, thought lost for quarter of a century, the score is now back in its original expanded form.

Symmetri. Music by Metavari. Distributed by One Way Static. Clear and Indigo vinyl only 300 for the world. Pre Order - Any orders containing this item will not ship until Late November 2017. $25

‘Symmetri' is Metavari's sophomore studio release led by electronic musician and composer, Nathaniel David Utesch, and debut studio LP on One Way Static Records. The work is a stand-alone edit of Metavari's 'Metropolis' re-score from Record Store Day 2017; introducing new and reconfigured material in addition to selections from the soundtrack. 

Metavari is the stage name of Indiana-based electronic musician Nathaniel David Utesch and is best described as the intersection of nostalgic electronics, ambient soundscapes and off-kilter synth pop music. Since 2008, Metavari have toured extensively in the US; sharing the stage with notable acts such as This Will Destroy You, Maserati, Tortoise, Titus Andronicus, Anamanaguchi, The Appleseed Cast & Small Black.

Written and produced over the course of 20 months, the lengthy writing time stretched across a whirlwind season surrounding the miscarriage of Nathaniel and his wife's first pregnancy and coincidentally ended just after the success of their second. Nathaniel said of the writing, "The record was drenched in an incredibly dark season of our life and yet concluded at nearly the opposite. I quite literally finished the record with my newborn son in my arms." While much of 'Symmetri' was written as a re-scoring of Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis,' it's still almost impossible not to hear the disparate tug and pull from Nathaniel's personal experiences during the time of the recordings.

The LP comes packaged in a deluxe jacket with a custom die cut center hole & includes a digital download containing a bonus track from Metavari and remixes from Sarah Davachi, Diamondstein, Antoni Maiovvi, Makeup and Vanity Set, Taragana Pyjarama, and Umberto. The record also features guest vocals from Daniel Weyandt, singer of the seminal hardcore metal band, Zao. Available as an exclusive color vinyl variant (limited to 300 copies milky clear and indigo blue vinyl).

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October 15 2017

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